Sonania's governor refuses establishment ISIS camp nearby Şengal

On behalf of the Yazidis, the charge affaires of Sonani district in Şengal province, Khodida Joki, expressed his total rejection of the establishment of a camp sheltering ISIS mercenaries nearby, stressing the need to accept the will of the Yazidis and pay attention to them.

The Iraqi government plans to transfer 31,400 families of ISIS mercenaries in camps in NE, Syria in Autonomous Administration to a new camp in Zamar district in Iraq's Nineveh province.

The camp, named "al-Omla", consists of 4,000 tents, and the ministry of immigration and displaced persons oversees its construction.

The construction of the camp is widely rejected by the tribes of the Iraqi province of Nineveh and the residents of Şengal province, located on the western side of the province, and considered its establishment in a nearby area to be a re-endangerment on them, while blocs in the Iraqi parliament joined the rejection box, and raised objections to the government about it.

We reject the camp.

Speaking to The North's Charge Affaires of "Sonani" in Şengal province, Khodida Joki expressed his total rejection of the opening of the camp near Şengal province      in Nineveh.

He said "It is not possible to accept such a camp in a geography close to Şengal, and all the tribes in the province reject it".

Speaking about why the area was chosen to build the camp within other Iraqi provinces, He said: The Iraqi government initially presented the idea in Anbar provinces, Tikrit and then Diyala, but the sons of those provinces and their clans refused the order, which made them open it in zamar district of Tal Afar district. Nineveh province, although the majority of mercenary families are from Anbar province.

These mercenaries their hands stained with the blood of our people.

He continued: After the collapse of Mosul on 10 June 2014 by ISIS' hands, the army left the Iraqi border and left its weapons there, and ISIS took it, while other weapons, especially heavy, were handed over to the Peshmerga, and even the weapons that fell into the hands of civilians, the Peshmerga worked to withdraw them from them, before they also left Şengal unprotected on August 3, after they decided to withdraw from the area and leave the people in the face of mercenaries whose hands are stained with the blood of our people.

Khodida confirmed that five days after ISIS attack and massacres, Guerilla Forces and the People's Protection Units YPG arrived, which opened a safe passage towards Rojava, and saved hundreds of thousands of genocides.

"The families of mercenaries and their women, which the government intends to transfer to the "al-Omla", are still chanting that their Islamic state remains and saying that their husbands are martyrs, and they call on their children to fight apostates and infidels, and to set up a camp for them near Şengal, which has been badly damaged by their ideas, ISIS will revive again, and it will be dangerous on Yazidis.

We must take into consideration Yazidis' will.

At the end of his speech, the charge affaires of Sonani district called on the Iraqi and the Başûr governments to stop "using the Yazidi people of Şenga l in their conflicts and interests, saying that this policy was the cause of the genocide.

He stressed the need to make the decisions of the Yazidis in their own hands and in accordance with their will and pay attention to them so that tragedies do not recur.



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