SOHR: Turkish security companies have transferred Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that Turkish security companies have transferred Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan, and confirmed that most of them are Turkmen mercenaries

The Syrian Observatory quoted sources as saying that the mercenaries present in Azerbaijan until the moment numbered 320 mercenaries of Syrian nationality, who were transferred by Turkish security companies.

The sources of the Syrian Observatory added that the Syrian mercenaries who arrived in Azerbaijan, the vast majority of them from the "Turkmen" component, went under the pretext of the "national cause."

The Syrian Observatory published two days ago that a batch of Syrian mercenaries arrived in Azerbaijan, where the Turkish government transferred it from its lands to there, and this batch had arrived in Turkish lands a few days ago from the occupied Afrin region, and the sources added that another batch is preparing to go out to Azerbaijan.

On September 27, clashes were renewed on the northern border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, amid a Turkish-Russian entry into the crisis line, as Azerbaijan launched an attack on the mountainous Artsakh / Karabakh region, and as a result, clashes erupted between Armenia and Azerbaijan that are still continuing today.


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