SOHR: Security government, Russian forces captured several Syria Tel, Bustan employees

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that the Syrian government security forces and the Russian military police arrested several directors and employees of the Syria Tel Company and Al-Bustan Association of Rami Makhlouf in various Syrian regions.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the Syrian government security campaign against the directors and technicians of the "Syria Tel" company of Rami Makhlouf, extended from Damascus, Latakia and Homs, to include Aleppo and Tartous, where the security services accompanied by Russian forces arrested 7 managers and technicians during the last hours, (4 of them in Aleppo and 3 in Tartus).

At the same time, Russian government and police intelligence began a campaign of arrests of managers and employees of the "Al-Bustan Association", which also belongs to Makhlouf, and there is no truth to arrest Rami Makhlouf or his brother.

The sources of the Syrian Observatory confirmed the arrest of the devices by more than 28 directors and technicians of the company "Syria Tel" for communications owned by Rami Makhlouf, according to Russian directives. And not only the directives, but Russian forces accompanied the raids and arrests of managers and technicians.

 In the same context, the Syrian Observatory learned that Syria Tel employees and technicians were prevented from entering the communication towers for at least 3 weeks, after the process of entering them to these towers was normal with automatic security approval.

Yesterday, the Syrian businessman and relative of Bashar al-Assad Rami Makhlouf revealed that the government security forces began arresting his company's employees, and Makhlouf attacked the government, saying that the pressures began in an unacceptable and inhuman manner, describing what is taking place as a great risk.

The Syrian businessman appeared earlier in a video posted on his personal Facebook page, in which he criticized the government policy and fined Syria Telecom and MTN, and he threatens President Bashar al-Assad to open the files at the appropriate time.



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