SOHR: Russian soldiers injured by targeting joint patrol with Turks

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Russian soldiers were wounded by a mine, while the Russian-Turkish patrol was passing along the Latakia-Aleppo International Road.

The Syrian Observatory said that at least 3 Russian soldiers were wounded by a mine, during the passage of the Russian-Turkish patrol, near Missabin on the Lattakia-Aleppo International Road, and the wounded were transported by Turkish vehicles.

This huge explosion comes, despite the allegations of the Turkish occupation forces to conduct intensive combing operations in this area.

The Russian forces conducted a new patrol with the Turkish occupation forces on the Latakia-Aleppo International Road.

Where the patrol started from the village of Tarnbah in the eastern countryside of Idlib, heading towards the village of Ain Hoor located in the northern countryside of Lattakia, which is the last area on the international road within the mercenary areas of Turkey in an attempt by the two parties to complete the agreement that took place on the fifth of last March, with regard to the conduct of Joint patrols along the entire M4 road.



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