SOHR: First batch of Syrian mercenaries arrives in Azerbaijan; another batch prepare itself

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the first batch of Syrian mercenaries arrived in Azerbaijan, while Turkey was preparing another batch to transport it there.

The Syrian Observatory said that a batch of Syrian Turkish mercenaries arrived in Azerbaijan, where Turkey transferred it from its lands to there, and this batch had reached Turkish lands a few days ago, coming from the occupied Afrin region.

The Syrian Observatory sources added that another batch is preparing to leave for Azerbaijan.

The Syrian Observatory published 3 days ago, that Turkey had transferred more than 300 Syrian mercenaries, the vast majority of them from the mercenaries of "Sultan Murad and Al-Amshat", from towns and villages in the occupied Afrin region, where they told them that the destination would be to Azerbaijan to protect the border sites there, in exchange for a sum of money ranges from $ 1500 to $ 2000.

Soon, Turkey entered the line of crisis between Armenia and Azerbaijan, announcing its support for the latter.



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