SOHR: death toll of Syrian mercenaries in Azerbaijan has risen to 72

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the number of deaths of Syrian mercenaries in the Karabakh battles rose to 72, and noted Turkey's preparation to transfer a new batch of mercenaries to Azerbaijan

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the number of mercenaries who have been killed since being thrown into the first ranks in the battles between Azerbaijan and Armenia by the Turkish government has risen to 72.

In a related development, the Syrian Observatory indicated that Turkey intends to send a new batch of Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan, and said: "It is expected that hundreds will arrive during the next few hours and days."

Yesterday, the observatory indicated that Turkish security companies and Turkish intelligence continue to transport and train large numbers of their Syrian mercenaries to fight in Azerbaijan, as the number of mercenaries arriving there, according to the observatory, rose to about 1,200 mercenaries.

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