Sochi: Agreement on joint patrols in north Syria - UPDATED

The Russian and Turkish sides agreed to conduct joint patrols in north Syria from 12:00 on the night of October 23, and Putin stressed the need for holding a dialogue between the Syrian regime and the Kurdish forces in north Syria.

The Russian and Turkish sides have just held a press conference in Sochi, after the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Teyyip Erdogan.

Speaking at the press conference, Russian President Putin stressed the necessity of Syrian territorial integrity, and said, "It is necessary to hold a comprehensive dialogue between the Kurds and the Syrian government to settle the Syrian crisis."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during the press conference that "Russian military police and Syrian army units will enter the Turkish operation area in north Syria, starting from midnight on October 23."

Lavrov noted that Moscow and Ankara had agreed on a joint mechanism to monitor the implementation of the memorandum on Syria, and that Russia and Turkey would conduct joint patrols in the "buffer zone" in north Syria.

The ten items agreed on at Sochi are:

- The two parties are committed to preserving the unity and safety of Syrian territory and to protecting the Turkish national security.

- The two sides affirm their determination to confront terrorism and separatist tendencies in Syrian territory.

- In this context, the status quo in the area of Spring of Peace operation will be maintained as is.

- Both parties emphasize the importance of the Adana Agreement, and the Federal Russian will provide its implementation in the current circumstances.

- Starting from 12 o'clock on the 23rd of this month, Russian military police units will enter the areas of the operation of "Spring of Peace," and will provide the withdrawal of Kurdish forces within 150 hours.

- Then, joint Turkish-Russian military patrols will start inside the area except Qamişlo.

- The two parties will take all necessary measures to counter terrorist elements.

- Both parties will contribute to the return of refugees at will.

- A joint mechanism will be established to monitor and follow up the implementation of this declaration.

- The two parties will continue to work on finding political solutions to the Syrian crisis within the framework of the Astana Platform, and will support the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee.


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