Sky News: Mercenaries move from Idlib to Libya across Turkey

Sky News quoting reliable sources that the transferring of the mercenaries from Idlib to Libya occurs by the Turkish lands through the planes of the Libyan al-Ajneha owned by Abed al-Hakim Belhaj.

The source told Sky News that Belhaj is one of the commanders of the extremist militia in Libya and resides in Turkey since a long time and runs finance empire with the support of Turkey and Qatar and he is now wanted in Libya because of his involvement in many terrorist actions and he is working now to move mercenaries from Idlib to Turkey.

The Russian president Vladimir Putin expressed on yesterday his concern about the extremists who went to Libya from Idlib province.

The Libyan Army's spokesman Ahmad al-Mesmari announced on June 28 that the army ordered to arrest all the Turks in Libya.

In a press conference held in Benghazi city, " there is Turkish-Qatari intervention for the interests of the militia in Tripoli from land, air and the sea," adding the project of the Muslim Brotherhood will be aborted in Libya.

He also added that Turkey covered by drones the operations of storming Gharyan city. A.H


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