Sit-in events of youth in the Euphrates region in Manbij

Sit-in events of youth movement in the Euphrates region started on the initiative of the Young Woman in Manbij, denouncing the Turkish threats against the regions of northeastern Syria, with the participation of hundreds of youth and official political and military delegations despite the harsh conditions of rain and cold.


The sit-in activities of the young woman of Manbij city for the entire youth of the Euphrates region started with the aim of denouncing the Turkish threats in the areas of north and east Syria under the slogan "No to the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories", which will continue until this evening, with the participating of al-Raqqa, Deir ez- Zor, Kobani, Tel Abiyad, al-Tabqa and the participation of a delegation from Manbij Military Council and the Syrian Democratic Council.

The sit-in's slogans are "With the strength of young woman we will liberate our lands" "No for the Turkish occupation" "Long life for freedom Syria" the youth of the Euphrates is the forefront of liberation and revenge from Erdogan, "and this sit-in amid bad weather conditions of severe cold and heavy rain.

Midia Mohammed present a speech in which she spoke about the necessity of cohesion of the youth and revolt in the face of the Turkish occupation, and the need to focus on increasing the pace of the liberation struggle, to be an example for the rest of the Syrian regions. She also pointed to the leading role played by the youth in the ranks of the Syrian revolution, especially among Syrian Democratic Forces and its role in defeating tyranny.

The sit-in continues until the moment of preparation.


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