Sihanouk Dibo: Great contradictions have emerged in Sochi

Sihanouk Dibo said that without the participation and representation of the people of north and east Syria in meetings such as Sochi, these meetings will not lead to any result. "There have been major contradictions in Sochi. These contradictions will end the agreements between Russia, Turkey and Iran,


On the 14th of February, the fourth Sochi meeting was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Iranian President Hassan Rowhani. During the meeting, several issues were discussed, including the resolution of the Syrian crisis, the military operation in Idlib, political developments, in addition the refugees issue.

On the recent Sochi meeting, ANHA agency conducted a meeting with Sihanouk Dibo, a member of the Executive Council of the Syrian Democratic Council. Dibo noted that it is probably that Russia had given Turkey more time over the Idlib military operation.

Sochi explained the depth of contradictions'

"Sochi was holding a conference in Warsaw on peace in the Middle East, with the participation of 17 countries, the Sochi meeting and the Warsaw Conference linked together," he said. "It also turned out that there were major contradictions between the three countries that participated in the meeting of Sochi, and although there are economic and political ties between these countries, but these relations are temporary relations, and the purpose of these meetings is to hide the contradictions between these countries. "

Dibo said "The Iranian president said at the meeting that the Kurds should have a pivotal role in resolving this crisis," he said. "These statements are strikingly spiritual. The reason for these statements is democratic politics, and the democratic nation system in north and east Syria, and no longer can jump on the democratic nation system. The democratic nation system is the appropriate solution to the Syrian crisis.

Erdogan's pretext for the "buffer zone" failed

"It is clear that Russia and Iran have rejected the demand of Turkey, Turkey is seeking to occupy north and east Syria under the name of the buffer zone,

He said, it is clear that Russia and Iran rejected Turkey's demand, as Turkey seeks to occupy north and east Syria under the (buffer zone) name, the question here is, from whom Turkey is seeking to protect the region?. This region is safe. Turkey's threats are aimed at the security of the region. America, Russia, and Iran do not accept Iran's arguments, and of course we have not and will not accept such a thing.

'The Constitution of Syria cannot be drafted through occupation'

"We cannot say that such meetings represent the people in north and east Syria, and will be the solution to the crisis. It is not possible to form a committee to draft the Syrian constitution in such a manner, and if we look at the meetings of Astana 11 and Geneva held nine times, we find that they did not find a way out of the Syrian crisis, because the representatives of the people in north and east Syria, such as the Syrian Democratic Council, are not present at these meetings, and have been deported because the Turkish occupation is afraid of resolving the Syrian crisis, and the Democratic Autonomous Administration".

'Resolving the Syrian crisis is through the representation of all people's components'

Sihanouk Dibo said that through the participation of the representatives of north and east Syria, the Syrian crisis will be solved. "The Syrian people 8 years ago took to the streets from Daraa to Qamishlo and demanded a change of regime. This change is taking place today in north and east Syria. In case that the representatives of north and east Syrian not attended in drafting the constitution of Syria, this constitution will not have an impact, and if the constitution is drafted in the form that is now will not solve the Syrian crisis, but on the contrary will escalate the crisis and divide Syria, and the beneficiary of this crisis and its exacerbated will be terrorist gangs and authoritarian regimes ".

'Russia is probably to give more time to Turkey in Sochi'

"There were deep differences between Russia and Turkey over Idlib, the fact that Idlib was occupied by Jabhit al-Nusra mercenaries, and Turkey is the supporter of them in Idlib, Turkey has now have fallen in the dark future, as it tries to justify the existence of Jabhit al-Nusra, the only way to resolve Idlib crisis issue is the elimination of mercenaries, before now Russia agve a deadline for Turkey to empty Idlib, but the period ended and nothing happened in Idlib, and now Russia wants to start a campaign, Turkish and because they support mercenaries do not want to start a campaign, Turkish occupation state and because it support the mercenaries, does not wasn’t to start the campaign, there is a possibility that Russia will give Turkey another opportunity until the elections of Turkey in next March, and as a result will break out wars in Idlib, and these differences will put an end to the agreements between Russia - Turkey and Iran."




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