Significant differences await constitutional committee; Trump did not rule out a Rouhani meeting

The United Nations announced the formation of the Constitutional Committee on Syria, according to observers this committee is waiting for significant differences, while Trump refused to mediate France to Iran, but did not rule out the meeting with Rouhani.

On Tuesday morning, the Arab press touched upon to the Syrian situation, as well as to the tension of Iranian and US.

Guterres announces formation of Syrian constitutional committee

"The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, announced on Monday, the formation of the Constitutional Committee on Syria, to begin its work in the coming weeks as part of efforts to end the war since 2011."

Guterres told reporters at the UN headquarters that the Syrian regime and the opposition committee agreed to "establish a credible and balanced committee under the direction of the United Nations." He added that the Constitution Preparation Committee will hold its first meeting in the coming weeks.

"The committee is supposed to have 150 members, 50 selected by Damascus, 50 by the opposition, 50 by the UN special envoy. The committee does not include representatives of the Kurdish Autonomous Administration in Northern and Eastern of Syria, which in its statement Monday deemed" exclusion "" unfair. ", where Autonomous Administration controls large areas of northern and north-eastern Syria.

"In addition to the composition of the committee, the dispute between the opposition and the regime also revolves around the mechanism of its work and the division of responsibilities among its members, the opposition demands the drafting of a new constitution, while the Syrian authorities agree only to amend the current constitution.

Al-Bayan: Trump rejects Macron's efforts to mediate conflict with Iran

On the Iranian issue, the newspaper said "US President Donald Trump rejected the efforts of French President Emmanuel Macron to mediate between the United States and Iran in the conflict between the two countries."

"We don't need a mediator," Trump told reporters on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on Monday.

Trump said his agenda did not include a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani this week, but did not rule out meeting in New York.

AL-Arab: Babacan faces Erdogan in figures and expose corruption files

"The former Turkish Minister of Economy and Foreign Affairs Ali Babacan recently resigned from the ruling Justice and Development Party, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears weak and unable to understand the files, and that he has no choice to cover that deficit but resort to the letter of treason and waving violence against opponents.

Babacan asked a number of critical economic questions to Erdogan, pointing to the areas of corruption and imbalance in the Turkish economy, which has been under pressure for nearly two years, wondering during the 17 years of the ruling Justice Party: 2 trillion dollars in tax revenues, 70 billion dollars in privatization, $ 500 billion debts … Where did the money go?

Babacan pointed to the privatization file, which is an organized crime committed by Erdogan and his son Bilal and his brother-in-law Berat al-Bairaq, against state institutions, and factories and companies lending to him and his associates and allies with him.

The former economy minister talked about high unemployment rates and the need to plan for an economic rescue plan to lift the Turkish economy from the low level that Erdogan brought to him with his economic theories that are far from logic and objectivity.

He pointed to the collapse of the education system, how there is a failure to focus on basic subjects, and focused on secondary subjects. He cited by numbers an earlier report that in the math test, more than 300,000 students got zero, and in the science test hundreds of thousands of students could not answer any question correctly.

Babacan does not hide that he is not waiting for any answer from Erdogan, and knows in advance that the Turkish president will resort to his traditional populist method of response, and shift the focus to another direction, which he had described the dissidents from his party, such as Babacan and Ahmet Davutoglu betrayed, and that they are doomed to failure.



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