Significant damage due to burning of bakery in Tirbê Spiyê

A fire broke out in one of the bakeries in Tirbê Spiyê as a result of a short circuit that caused great financial damage in the bakery.

As a result of a short circuit, a fire broke out in Girê Birê  bakery, 7 km southeast of Tirbê Spiyê, and led to the burning of a large part of the bakery, causing great material damage estimated at about 30 million Syrian pounds, while the fire brigades in the People's Municipality of Tirbê Spiyê and Internal Security rushed to the area to the scene of the accident and suppressed the flames.

The Girê Birê bakery is one of the main arteries for the production of bread in Tirbê Spiyê, as it provides bread to more than 30 villages.


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