Sida: Ocalan's directives will be solution to Syrian crisis

"The directives of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan are clear, the only solution for consolidating peace and resolving the Syrian crisis and the Middle East," said the politician, Mahmoud Sida adding, "Ocalan's directives will be the solution to the Syrian crisis."

On the 22nd of this month, the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan met with his lawyers after isolation of 8 years. On the 26th of this month, the lawyers of the Kurdish People's Leader read a letter from Ocalan in the Imrali Istanbul. The leader called on the hunger strikers to stop the hunger strikes and that he will play a role in finding a solution to the Syrian crisis through his guidance and thought.

On the letter of the leader of the Kurdish people, the administrator of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, Darbasiya, Mahmoud Sida, said that Ocalan's proposals are the only solution for the deployment of peace and the solution of the Syrian crisis and the Middle East.

He added," This confirms the determination and will of the free Kurdish women, which introduced Turkey into a deep crisis and narrowed it by force of its will, and this proves the need for unity and agreement and the convening of a conference," Sida explained, adding, that will bring salvation to the Kurdish people and speed up the freedom of Ocalan. "

On the letter of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan on resolving the Syrian crisis, Sida pointed out that Ocalan always through his thought and philosophy aims to spread peace and love among the peoples, "so we have to understand his letter well, because the role of the leader will be positive in resolving the Syrian crisis in the Middle East and we all seek to do so. "

" Ocalan always aims to find solutions and guarantees all the rights of the oppressed peoples and not just the Kurdish people," Sida said.

"We understand the Turkish state's policy very well, it always seeks occupation, destruction, and killing. We are here in the north and east of Syria, a peaceful people, we do not want war, and what we are asking is peace, and according to my conviction if we follow the footsteps of Ocalan, we will find solutions to resolve the Syrian crisis," he concluded.



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