Shiite Turkmens thank SDF, hope liberation of more abductees

Two Shiite Turkmen citizens from Tal Afar thanked the Syrian Democratic Forces for liberating their children from the grip of IS mercenaries in Deir Ez-Zor countryside, hoping to liberate more civilians who were kidnapped in 2014.


The Syrian Democratic Forces liberated 4 Shiite children from Tal Afar who were kidnapped by IS mercenaries in 2014 when they occupied the area in the Battle to Defeat Terrorism in the village of al-Bagouz in Deir ez-Zor, and handed them over, with 12 Yazidi children from Şengal, to the Yazidi House in preparation to their handover to their families.

In an interview with our agency ANHA, Shehab Aoun, the father of three Shiite children, Ahmad, Khalil, Ali, a Turkmen from Tal Afar, said: "In 2014, we were displaced to Şengal .7 of my children and my wife were kidnapped by IS mercenaries during their attack on Şengal."

"I had no information about my children and my wife, and I was trying to search for them and find out any news about them," Aoun said. "During Mosul liberation from IS mercenaries, I met my daughter."

Aoun said that I always had to contact the Yazidi house in Şengal. "Through the Yazidi House I learned that the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated three of my children," Aoun said.

Aoun thanked Syrian Democratic Forces for liberating his children and their humanitarian work towards all Arab, Kurdish and Christian components.

In the end, Aoun called on the Iraqi government to open the border, "to receive the children liberated by SDF and wished his wife and three children remaining in the grip of mercenaries to be released in IS' last pocket in al-Bagouz."

Hazem al-Ali, also a Turkmen from Tal Afar, said: "IS mercenaries kidnapped 10 members of my family. I found two of them in Turkey. My child Mahdi has been liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces."

Al-Ali expressed his happiness to liberate his son from IS mercenaries, and he wished to be reunited with his remaining family members held by Daesh.

 "The Iraqi government does not open the border, we call on the Iraqi government to undertake its duty towards its Iraqi citizens," al-Ali said, adding that the Iraqi government "does not help the people, while the Syrian Democratic Forces liberate Iraqis from IS mercenaries and bring them to the Iraqi border."



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