Shiekhs of Deir ez-Zor's clans: SDF protected us

The elders and dignitaries of Deir ez-Zor clans expressed their dismay at the statements made by the Foreign Ministry, which tried to spread sedition among the people of the region, and stressed that they live in security and safety in their areas after liberation from mercenaries.

The rejection of the elders of the tribes in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor came during an interview counducted by our agency ANHA with a number of them about the  Foreign Ministry statements which described by the people of Deir ez-Zor oppressors and accused SDF to carry out killings of civilians.

"The statements made by the Foreign Ministry are not true. We are a people who live in safety and security and after liberating our regions from the abomination of terrorism, we live a decent life with all the components of the region," elder from the Bakara clan Sheikh Nuri al-Jassim said.

Sheikh Nuri al-Jassim said: "We are not persecuted or occupied by any side. We are all Syrians. Al-Jassim wondered how Syria occupies its land," adding our opinion and our position against terrorism and division and SDF are our sons.

Sheikh of al-Obeid clan, pointed out that the statements made recently by the Syrian Foreign Ministry that SDF killed civilians are fabricated and unfounded.

"We, as shiekhs of Deir ez-Zor, deny all the media and foreign statements, all of which are baseless," he said.

One of the leaders of the Al-Manasrah clan, Khalid Al-Mozar, said"We are not occupiers from any side,as the Syrian Foreign Ministry said, "SDF are members of the northern and eastern components of Syria."

"No one has the right to dictate to us what we should do, whether external or otherwise. We manage ourselves, we do not need anyone's protection because it is our children who protect us," he said.



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