​​​​​​​Shiekh of al-Sharabin clan: Turkey legalizes its occupation through pariah groups

Muhammad Hamdoun pointed out that Turkey seeks to legalize its occupation of Syrian lands through pariah groups from the Syrian community and outside, stressing that the clans and components of the region solidarity with Syrian Democratic Forces SDF.

The regional powers involved in the Syrian crisis, including Turkey, are seeking to break up the social fabric in northern and eastern Syria based on the foundations of co-existence and peoples' fraternity of all components, through sowing discord, creating conflicts and wars, and striking ethnicities to pass their interests and impose their occupation.

Among those Turkish attempts to fabricate sedition through its mercenaries is the showing of the so-called Abdul Rahman Mustafa, the head of the so-called provisional government of Turkey, in support of the Turkish aggression against the peoples of northern Syria, during the Astana meeting 14 alongside the meeting of the head of the National Security Service of the Syrian regime with the Arab tribes in the region in order to urge their children to give up of the SDF.

In response to these statements, a member of the council of clans' notables and Shiekh the clans, which are existed in NE, Syria spoke on behalf of al-Sharabin clan Muhammad Arif Hamdoun, talked to (ANHA) during a special meeting, where Hamdoun said: The clan is a broad segment and sector of a social institution, and represents the customs, traditions and morals of the community positive laws and solidarity together among the components of society, in addition to that they contribute to the consolidation of security and stability in the region.

Commenting on the tricks of Turkey and the Syrian regime about the tribes in the north of Syria, Hamdoun made clear that they preserved the unity of Syrian soil by engaging their children in the ranks of the SDF, and the Arab blood mixed with Kurdish and Syrian blood.

He added: "No one can create a rift between the components of the region, which ever stood side by side to defend its dignity and values, and its children were martyred in order to protect the region."

Muhammad Hamdoun pointed out that Turkey seeks to legalize its occupation of the Syrian lands through the use of pariah groups in the Syrian society, adding: "These are pariahs in our society and do not represent the true will of the Syrian people."

"let's expel the spiritual father of ISIS from our home"

And he explained that the regional and international situation increases the responsibility of the tribes and clans to stand before the simulated plots against the people of the region, and added: "Let us eradicate the malicious plant, and remove the social waste and the spiritual father of ISIS (Erdogan) from our home."

And concluded his speech, Muhammad Aref Hamdoun expressed their rejection of the policies of demographic change that the Turkish occupation followed through housing settlers from other Syrian regions in the homes of the people of Serêkaniyê, Afrin, and Tal Abyad.



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