Shelling on "reduction of escalation" area

 During the early morning hours, the shelling returned to areas called "reduction of escalation" after the targeting of Turkish-backed mercenaries to areas recently seized by the regime's forces in Hama countryside.

The escalation continues between the regime forces and the mercenary groups supported by the Turkish state in the so-called "reduction of escalation" .

In the morning hours, the Turkish mercenaries targeted Tel Hawash, Al-Karkat and Al-Mustaqra, in Jabal Shahshbou and Al-Hawiz,

The mercenaries also attacked Al- Hawiz axis of Sehl al-Ghab , where fierce clashes between mercenaries and regime forces are taking place amid attempts by mercenaries to advance and regain control of the region.

With the attack of mercenaries on the areas of control of the regime forces, the warplanes returned to the atmosphere of the villages of Hama and Idlib and targeted the most 16 raids by the sides of al-Siraj and Harish Benin and Kafruid and the vicinity of Maarat Numan and Arnebeh and the outskirts of Khan Sheikon and the vicinity of Kjraljs and the western outskirts of Idlib.

The Russian helicopters supported the regime's helicopters and carried out raids on Deir Sennbel and al-Weibdeh within Jabal Shahshbou. The Syrian Observatory documented a loss of life of a citizen due to injuries sustained by air strikes carried out by the warplanes in the town of Kfar Zeita north of Hama.



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