Sheikhs of Hajin's clans: Our meeting with MSD was fruitful

The elders and the sheikhs of eastern  Dier ez-Zor countryside clans asserted the their meeting with MSD in the region has positives results for all the people of the  region which seek to organize the area after the liberation from Daesh.  

In order to organize the liberated areas, the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) held extensive meeting  2 days ago, included all the sheikhs and the elders of  east of Dier ez-Zor countryside  to touch upon the service field where many decisions resulted from the meeting which were described as fruitful by the elders and the sheikhs of the clans.

The elder of al-Shetat clan Khelef al-Mohammed said that our newly liberated areas and we have to coordinate with the administration and the people to maintain the security and the safety of the region which was liberated thanks to the sacrifices of our sons and our people and we must cooperate with each other to reconstruct our areas.

On the importance of the meeting held by MSD, al-Khelef said that the outcomes of the meeting were positive and fruitful and we will participate in activating all the service institutions to reconstruct our liberated areas which suffered destruction.

 The sheikh of al-Buherdan clan, Yasin Abeed al-Rezaaq al-Sebikhan said that the eastern countryside of Dier ez-Zor was subjected to severe destruction due to the clashes witnessed by the region adding, " we as elders and sheikhs of the region must intensive our efforts and work to maintain the security of the region. 



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