Sheikhs of al-Raqqa: "Buffer zone" is malicious Ottoman project

The elders and dignitaries of the city of al-Raqqa confirmed that they refuse to establish a "buffer zone" in the territory of northern and eastern Syria under the auspices of Turkey.

The Turkish state continues its violations against the Syrian people through its occupation of areas in Syria. The Turkish occupation state reestablished the "buffer zone" in its media agendas demanding America to establish this zone within the Syrian territory under the auspices of Turkey.

Turkey is the head of terrorism

"The Turkish occupation state seeks to occupy more Syrian territory in any way, and the issue of the buffer zone is one of the methods," Sheikh Talal al-Sibat of al-Jeabat clan said.

He added that Turkey is the head of terrorism, "How can it demand the establishment of a safe area, after it contributed to send the mercenaries in the Syrian territory!"

For his part, Sheikh of al-Sabkha clan said that Erdogan wants to inspire the Syrians and the world to the "buffer zone" he talks about every now and then. "It is a malicious Ottoman illusion and an Ottoman terrorist project that Erdogan began with since the beginning of the Syrian crisis."

"The conflict that is taking place in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries is proof of Turkey's failure to establish security in the areas it occupies," said Mohammed al-Sawaan.

At the end of his speech, al-Sawaan asked about the establishment of the "buffer zone" in the Syrian territories. He said, "Why is not the buffer zone in Turkish territory?" "Our regions are safe. Turkey has to stop playing cards. Turkey cannot be the sponsor of the buffer zone. "

It is worth mentioning that all the people, politicians, intellectuals, elders in the regions of north and east of Syria have expressed their rejection of what Turkey has declared from time to time regarding the establishment of a "buffer zone" in northern Syria.



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