Sheikho about Tel- Rifaat massacre: International silence courage Turkey to commit genocide

The co-chair of the General Council for the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maksoud and Achrafieh, Mohammed Sheikho, said that the occupied Turkish state targets civilians with massacres in order to sow fear and empty the region of its people, pointing out that the international silence on these violations encourages Turkey to commit more violations.

On the massacre committed by the Turkish state against the abandoned children of Afrin, he added, "The Turkish state, in front of the eyes of the world, is conducting heinous acts, violating all international laws and covenants against humanity, and this country since the beginning of the Syrian crisis does not recognize these laws and violates all rights."

The Turkish occupation army had committed a massacre on the 2nd of December, in Tel- Rifaat district, after it targeted it with artillery shelling that resulted in the martyrdom of 10 civilians, including 8 children, as well as injuring more than ten others.

Regarding the international silence towards this massacre, Sheikho continued, "Unfortunately, in front of all these massacres and violations committed by the Turkish state, we see everyone taking the stand of spectators without mobility, and does not show a position that deters or stops these crimes against the peoples of the region, especially mentioning humanitarian and human rights organizations in the world. Her silence on the heinous Turkish massacre of our children in Tel - Rifaat creates doubts we have, because they thus encourage the Turkish state to commit more massacres against the peoples of the region.

In his talk about the violations of the Turkish state and the disgraceful international positions towards its recent crimes, Sheikho noted that Turkey is a member of the United Nations and a member of NATO and is doing what it likes unchecked, and is committing massacres against the components of Afrin, who were forcibly displaced from the oppression of its army and its mercenaries, to resist the hardships of life in al-Shahba areas in the hope of returning, but Erdogan's crimes chased them to tents and safe villages there too. "

"These criminal policies pursued by the Turkish state towards the people of Afrin, we know its aim to empty the area of ​​civilians and to displace this people in a geography far from Afrin, in order to implement its plans for demographic change and the rules of control over the area it occupies by replacing the mercenary families with the indigenous people," he added. And this is repeated in GIRÊ SPî and Serêkaniyê."

At the end of his speech, he said that Turkey will not win and will not be able to reach its goal, because the people understand the policy of this country, and the people will triumph with their steadfastness and resistance.



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