Sheikh : Turkey sends terrorists to Europe

"Since its inception, the Turkish governments have been dealing with terrorism, he took the current situation in Idlib as an example and Turkey's support for Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS,"  Ahmad Shekho, member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party said.

The Syrian field is witnessing a fierce conflict between regional countries  including the Turkish occupation state, which seeks to cut off parts of Syrian territory and annex it to revive the Ottoman empire, and use refugees as a pressure card on European countries.

Hawar News Agency spoke with Ahmed Sheikho,  member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party, who spoke about the branches of the Turkish intervention in the affairs of the region and support for the extremist organizations and opening its borders to refugees to cross to the old continent.

 "The crisis in Idlib is linked to the Syrian crisis in general, a matter of interests conflict, which the Syrian people is paying for from the beginning of the crisis to the present day," he said. "Turkey wants to achieve its ambitions by supporting the extremist factions , sending them to Libya and throwing them into wars against the Autonomous Administration. So it does not want to waste them now," he said.

"The history of the Turkish state is known for its support of terrorists and radical groups, what is happening now in Chechnya, as well as the terrorist groups that fought Russia, is a good example ," Sheikho said.

 He continued: "A few years ago we saw Turkish support for ISIS when the Turkish state refused to use Incirlik airport to strike ISIS, during the formation of the international coalition. Today we see the public and explicit support that is taking place in Idlib for Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist factions."

Erdogan's threats are aimed at achieving his ambitions, not to support refugee

Ahmed Sheikho noted that "there is an agreement between Turkey and the European Union, and the process of funding the refugees burdens, but Turkey does not want to support refugees only, but it wants to put pressure on the EU and the countries that are playing in the Syrian conflict to achieve his ambitions and aspirations.

" He continued: "Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, Erdogan supports the terrorist factions, by adopting the proxy war.  Today the conflict enters its true face, as it tries to bring the European Union and NATO into this conflict by supporting extremist factions. He wants everyone to support the terrorist factions in Idlib.

Turkey changed the course of the revolution of the Syrian people to achieve its ambitions

 Member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party explained that "the Syrian people came out calling for their rights and democracy, but the intervention of the Turkish state changed this path, and turned into a military conflict, in order to achieve its ambitions, Turkey is "The main reason for the deviation of the Syrian revolution is through its support for terrorists." 

He continued: "We discussed all these concerns with many European countries and confirmed, that Erdogan's threats are serious. The European community is aware of these concerns, but the international interests play key role."

"Turkey has recently opened its doors to the exodus of illegal immigrants to Europe.

 We cannot say that they are all Syrians, there are Africans, Arabs and Turks. There are also terrorists, sent by Turkey to the European Union to support his aspirations, and activate them when needed."

"There are padded messages that Erdogan sends to the EU by manipulating the issue of refugees, which are he sends refugees today, tomorrow he will send extremists. We have informed many European countries of this, but the EU is content with the role of the viewer in this crisis. There is a great silence on the threats Erdogan."

"The asylum processes are not carried out under international supervision or according to a specific system; this makes the Turkish state certain of sending extremists to Europe, to pressure them. Today the Turkish state is seeking to restore the glories of the Ottoman states; this puts the Balkans also in danger, allowing radicals to reach the Eu borders again."



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