​​​​​​​Sheikh of al-Sharabeen clan: Clans have major role in forming SDF

One of the notable of al-Sharbeen clan has explained that the Arab clans have role in forming SDF, and the tribesmen still join them, stressing that the synergy of the components failed to sow discord between the components of NE, Syria.

Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, some global bodies and forces have been trying to take advantage of this crisis and occupy the NE, of Syria regions through numerous projects and policies.

And with the formation of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Syrian north, thousands of the children of the Arab component joined it, with appeals sheikhs and Arab clans' notables in the area to join.

In this regard, Hawar news agency ANHA met with the Secretary of the notables of al-Sharbeen clan in al-Hasakah, Thabet al-Jawhar, who said at the beginning of his speech: “Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, Arab tribes in general have played major role in the north and east of Syria, to confront terrorists, from Jabhet al-Nusra, the Free National Army, as well as ISIS. "

Clans rejected subversions

Many regional countries have played on sectarianism in northern Syria to pass their plans, occupy the region, and highlight their agendas at the expense of Syrian blood.

In this regard, Al-Jawhar adds, “There are countries that are trying to sow discord between the components of NE, Syria, and among these countries, the fascist Turkish state, which has supported terrorist factions, as well as occupied the border areas, and committed the most heinous massacres against innocent civilians, but the clans have refused completely to sow discord and participation.” In these crimes. "

Al-Jawhar noted, "The Turkish state paid millions of dollars to sow discord between the components of the region, especially the Kurdish and Arab components and dispersed their unity in order to make its project succeed, but it failed in that."

'Arab clans played a role in forming the SDF'

Al-Jawhar pointed out that Arab clans have a fundamental role in forming the People and Women Protection Units YPG,YPJ, and the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF. “The people of these clans joined these units in general, without hesitation, and the children of these clans are still joining them to defeat corruption and sedition.”

Al-Jawhar pointed out that in the recent attack by the Turkish occupation that occupied the areas of Serêkaniyê -Ras al-Ain/ Girê Spî -Tal Abyad, as well as Afrin and Jarablus before it, "Our sons fought alongside the SDF, to defend their land and liberate it from the hands of the terrorists."

 The people of the tribes run the civil and military institutions, and this diversity among the components of the region has led to solidarity and protection of the lands of NE, Syria.

At the end of his speech, called for a Syrian-Syrian dialogue in order to reach a solution to the Syrian issue, and that every component of its right be given, and the rights of the martyrs who gave their lives for the protection of the homeland are guaranteed He said: "The children of the Arab clans in the north and east of Syria will defend their lands alongside the SDF until the last breath."



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