Sheikh Faisal al-Ahmed: Turkish aggression came after defeating ISIS, SDF is only choice

Many attempts aimed at making a strife among the components of the Syrian people by some internal parties and the Turkish enemy, but all of which failed because of the awareness statue that the Syrians in the north and east of Syria has got against the ambitions that pose a threat on their existence and target their security.

In an interview held by our agency with one of the notables of Al-Wilda tribe and sheikh of al-Boumssrra clan, Sheikh Faisal al-Ahmed, he emphasized the solidarity of the Arab clans with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) because they liberated the land from terrorism at a time no one moved during the presence of ISIS.

SDF represent us and Turkey's ambitions have been uncovered to the world

He pointed out that the Syrian Democratic Forces made great sacrifices during the liberation of the region, and that the ongoing Turkish invasion of the Syrian territories under many flimsy arguments and excuses that  have nothing to do with reality is but to achieve colonial ambitions that target the Syrian soil, and take the components that refuse to return to the Ottoman slavery, whatever the circumstances are.

Al-Ahmed also sent a message to all Syrian components to increase their support for the Syrian Democratic Forces that are facing the Turkish aggression, and offer the precious and cheap to stop the colonial projects that Turkey is trying to impose on the region.

Sheikh of Al Boumssrra clan expressed the solidarity of all Arab clans with SDF, as the Arab tribesmen were mainly the pillars of these forces who have always worked to fight the terrorism, and never attacked anyone but protected all the components of the region.

Concerning the hatched plots by Turkey and others against the north of Syria , sheikh of al-Boumssrra clan, Faisal al-Ahmad, pointed out that the fate of these plots is fiasco, as the ISIS project in the region failed . All these conspiratorial plans on the Syrian components will fail. Facts prove for all, that the unity of the Syrian components is too strong to be broken by anything because they promise of getting rid of the  Syrian crisis that has decimated the stone and human beings, and took the lives of so many innocent people.

Last year, Sheikh Faisal al-Ahmed was an assassination target attempt by ISIS mercenaries because of his positions and his supporting tribe for the  Syrian Democratic forces, and their call for the building of a unified, democratic and decentralized Syria.



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