Sheikh Baqi: Our visit to Başûr was positive

General Secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria, Jamal Sheikh Baqi, said, "our visit to Başûr Kurdistan was positive," noting that they discussed several important things for the unity of the Kurdish class and Afrin.

Two days ago, the delegation of the Kurdish parties returned from Başûr Kurdistan, and during a press conference held in Başûr it confirmed that the visit was positive, and put forward several important things for the benefit of the Kurdish people and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

On this visit, Hawar News Agency(ANHA) conducted an interview with the Secretary-General of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria, Jamal Sheikh Baqi, to highlight the results of their visit.

Sheikh Baqi explained at the outset that this visit came after a long period of resistance and victories that took place in the north and east of Syria, and reached a new stage, the occupation of Turkey to Afrin on the one hand, and the elimination of Daesh mercenaries on the other hand,

"Therefore, this requires the unity of the Kurdish forces of all the Kurdish parties who have regional and international connections, and have a great role in the political solution in Rojava, so that our visit's goal was to discuss these points, as well as to meet with other parties in the four parts of Kurdistan and to strengthen the development of political solutions. "

"The main topics discussed were the occupation of the territory of Afrin by the Turkish state, and how to stand up against these massacres and violations and the demographic change pursued by the Turkish occupation state in Afrin and to develop solutions to return Afrin to Syrian territory."

Turkey's plans extend beyond the boundaries of Başûr Kurdistan

Sheikh Baqi noted that the recent attacks on Başûr Kurdistan by the Turkish occupation under the pretext of fighting the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and the fight against the Democratic Union Party in Rojava, "Therefore, these attacks are not in Başûr on Kurdistan Freedom Movement and not on the Democratic Union Party in Rojava, but these the attacks are on the Kurdish movement and the Turkish state through these attacks aims to annihilate the Kurdish people in the four parts of Kurdistan. "

"Because its plans in Kirkuk and its attacks on Shengal and Başûr and its occupation of Afrin all show us that Erdogan, the AKP and the Turkish occupation state policy are to thwart the victories of the Kurdish people, especially after the message of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan."

The Secretary-General of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria, on their visit wanted to clarify these points and Erdogan cannot occupy Başûr and Iran can not occupy Rojava, "we must stand against the schemes of these countries, and unite our ranks and support each other and hold Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Conference."

 He stressed that they discussed with many parties that the Kurdish people in Rojava is the victim of treacherous attacks and the responsibility of protecting the borders is not only on the people here, but it is the responsibility of all the forces of Kurdistan, and said, "we met with 20 political parties, some of them agree with our ideas, Rojava is now different from the old Rojava according to their ideas and opinions.

In conclusion, he said: "We will re-visit Başûr Kurdistan because our recent visit was positive."



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