Sheikh Al-Bureij clan: partition wall is plan to occupy more Syrian territory

The sheikh Al-Bureij clan, Amir Al-Khabour, pointed out that the Turkish occupation state seeks through its violations to occupy more Syrian territory, stressing that the partition wall in Afrin is only an occupation plan to remove Afrin from the Syrian territory and annex it to Turkish territory.

 The Turkish state continues its horrendous acts and violations in the areas it occupies in Syria without any political or military movement from the Syrian regime, the direction of the Turkish presence on Syrian territory, the latest of which was the partition wall which aims to isolate Afrin from Syrian territory.

"The Turkish occupation state is seeking only to occupy more Syrian territory and every day devises a new trick like the safe area that it wants to be under its auspices. We all know that it is only an occupation plan for more Syrian territory, as it did in Iskenderun. "

"Had Turkey sought peace for Syria and its people, it would not have opened its borders wide to thousands of mercenaries that gathered them from all parts of the earth and brought them to the Syrian territory. Who authorized Turkey to intervene in Syria and build a wall in our territory?

"The Turkish state aims to build a wall separating a piece of the Syrian body from the rest, which is rejected by all the people in the north of Syria in particular, and in Syria in general, and the Turkish state has authorized itself to occupy Syrian territory amid international silence about what is happening in the city of Afrin."

Amir al-Khabur denounced the practices of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin, where even stones were not spared even worse the killing of human beings. He condemned the silence of the international community regarding what is happening in the Syrian territories occupied by Turkey.

All Arab and Kurdish tribes have expressed their rejection of the partition wall that is being built by Turkey during the Syrian Clans' Forum, which included thousands of elders and tribal dignitaries.


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