Sheikh Abdul Rahman: DAA's initiation welcomed publicly

The Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Hamid, one of the notables of al-Jawalah clans confirmed that the initiation of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of north and east Syria to release the detained whose hands have not stained with the Syrians' blood is a good initiation and was welcomed by the people and clans.


In response to the mediation and commitment of tribes' notables in north and east Syria, the DAA of North and East Syria on March 2 released 283 prisoners who had been deceived by IS mercenaries and had not stained their hands with the blood of their parents.

Al-Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Hamid, one of the commanders of al-Jawala tribes in Tirbê Spîyê area praised the initiation of the DAA of North and East Syria, and that the Administration responded to the demands of clans' notables, he added, "This was welcomed and thanked."

Al-Sheikh Abdul Rahman stressed that this decision has created a positive impression in the society. The DAA in North and East of Syria and since its establishment has been trying to develop the society with free thought on the bases and principles of the fraternity of peoples and co-existence."

Al-Sheikh Abdul Rahman pointed out that they, clans' elders, support the DAA in all its decisions. He said, "DAA has created confidence within all the components of the region."

Al-Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Rashid al-Hamid called on the DAA to verify the file of about 50 people from al-Jawalah clans. He explained that some of them were arrested as a result of malicious reports of some people. He wished that there would be a new initiative to release these detainees, assuring their guarantee for those people after their release.



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