She was raped at age of 9, sold 7 times... story of Yazidi girl liberated from Al-Hol camp

Wafa the girl who was kidnapped by ISIS mercenaries from Shingal she is now free woman by the fighters of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) to continue fulfilling her life again after the hardship she experienced.

The Yazidi woman, Wafa Ali Abbas, now 18, was kidnapped at the age of nine with her deaf and mute sister, who was 13 years old at the time, from the village of Kojo in Shingal by ISIS mercenaries.

Wafa was raped by mercenaries at that young age and those mercenaries who raped her killed her fetus while it was still in her womb.

This Yazidi woman was sold 7 times and banned from practicing her language, culture and religion.

Wafa said, "The mercenaries surrounded us in the village school and told the sheikh of the Kojo clan; you have three days to surrender yourselves to us, or we will seize you by force.

The sheikh said that he would not surrender to them, however the mercenaries surrounded the village and gathered us in the village school. We were separated from each other when we were there at school. They separated fathers, old people, mothers, children, girls and young men from each other.

Then they brought buses and took us to Mosul. At that time my mother and sister were with me. We were screaming but Without avail.

The mercenaries separated Wafaa from her family and kidnapped her from Mosul to Raqqa and left her in a school, "Every one of them came and took a girl of us. Our buying and selling process began." With these words, Wafa recalled the mercenaries' brutality.

Wafa tried to save herself many times, but she did not succeed. About that, Wafa continued saying: "Sometimes they would return the girl they raped. At the beginning of our entry to Raqqa, we tried to escape, but we failed, we were about 70 people. After they brought us back to the school every hour someone came and raped us.In the middle of the night a mercenary came and took my deaf and dumb sister with him.I tried to save her but he dragged and took her I don't know her fate since then."

Wafa went on to say, " I met my aunt in Deir Ezzor and we lived together. We moved from Al Mayadin to Hajin and then to Al Marashda. There they married me to Abu Ahmed. I was his third wife.

After that we moved to Baghouz and came from there to Al-Hol camp.I received news that Abu Ahmed was killed, Abu Ahmed's second wife went to Hawler and I stayed in Al-Hol camp I was married off to someone else by force.He was raping me everyday.

Wafa witnessed many events in Al-Hol camp, and she spoke about the brutality of ISIS sleeper cells, saying: “There was enmity, hatred and war among them. I did not study or leave my tent.

Worth to note that the second phase of the Humanity and Security campaign launched by the Internal Security Forces with the support of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the People's Protection Units (YPG) and the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) resulted in the liberation of Wafaa in the ninth sector.



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