She was prevented from returning to her house looted by occupation mercenaries

she wnted to return home  , but the mercenaries of the so-called the "Syrian National Army" of the Turkish occupation  prevented her from entering, and she says: "When Erdogan’s attack,  his pretext was to establish a safe zone , but this region became a region of looting, stealing  and destruction and not a safe zone.”

As a result of the Turkish attack and its mercenaries from Jabhet al-Nusra and ISIS,  hundreds of thousands of residents of the border areas have been displaced, and they have headed towards the safe areas protected by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). And the Autonomous Administration specified more than 64 centers to recieve them in al-Hasakah city, beside Washokani camp located in a distance about 12 km in the west of al-Hasakah city’s center.

Many of those displaced people wanted to return to their homes under the Turkish attack, which is still ongoing  but have  been prevented  by these mercenaries supported by Turkey.

Khadeja al-Ali, a displaced woman from the  al-Manajir village which is located in south of Serekaniye spoke to Hawar news agency about the violations of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in their villages, and their tragic situation in the displacement camps.

Khadija pointed out that they displaced from their villages due to the Turkish aggression and its mercenaries of the so-called "Syrian National Army", commiting massacres against civilians by targeting them with aircraft and all types of weapons even internationally prohibited.

She wanted to return , but she was prevrnted

Like other displaced who wanted to return to their homes in places which were occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries to be surprised by the dire reality inside the region, according to the declaration  of some of the displaced. 

Khadija, who currently lives in one of the tents inside the Washokani camp, tried to go to her village to take out her possessions, but was prevented by the Turkish occupation mercenaries, and Khadija says: “I went to my village after its occupation by those mercenaries, but when I arrived at the entrance of the village, they prevented me from entering by pretext it is a military zone.”

Khadija pointed out that she had contacted with one of the exits from the village, and confirmed  that her house was completely empty because of the thefting of the proporties inside it, such as  refrigerator, TV and covers, and for the proporties that were not stolen, they broke and burned them, in addition to destroying the walls around the house.

Khadeja added, “The nieghbors told me that the mercenaries would not allow me to enter my home, and there was a high possibility that I would be arrested with my children, so I immediately returned to the camp.”

Her house was looted and her demand is the removal of the mercenaries

Khadija, who was in the Washokani camp with her family of 6 people, stated that "due to the looting process of those mercenaries, there is nothing left for us in the house that was a shelter for us. We are in the WashoKani camp. Our situation is very difficult, and there is a great shortage of necessary supplies that everyone needs it such as blankets, heating materials and electricity.”

The region has become a region of looting, stealing and destruction, and not a safe zone

Like thousands of displaced people who share the same wish which is the departure of mercenaries and occupation from their areas to return, Khadija says in this context: "We appeal to the countries of the world to remove the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation from our villages to return to our homes. When Erdogan attacked, his pretext was to establish a safe zone, but this region has become a region of looting, stealing and destruction, not a safe zone.”

Washokani camp suffers from a lack of services due the lack of  organizations entering the camp and providing assistance to the displaced, and the burden of meeting all the needs and requirements for the displaced falls on the Autonomous Administration and the Kurdish Red Crescent. Khadija’s family is like other families in the camp that do not have the covers and do not have the materials for heating, in addition to the simplest supplies that everyone needs in the  winter season.



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