She was liberated in last moments

Emîne Kalo was captured on August 3, 2014. She got separated from her family, she does not know anything about her family till now. She was beaten, humiliated and forced to dig trenches in al-Baguz, and she has been liberated by SDF in the last moments.

Emîne Kalo, Pakîze Hiso û Xewle Îsmaîl were among the thousands of the kidnapped during IS' mercenaries attack on Şengal province in August 3, 2014 after the Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) abandoned and left them as victims at IS' clutches, and three women were liberated from Daesh during al-Jazeera Tempest campaign in the last stage which culminated in victory on March 21.

Emîne Kalo, 42 years old from Kajo village belonging to Şengal province. She explained to our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) to what she was subjected during her kidnapping by Daesh and how the mercenaries treated the Yazidi women. She said, "When Daesh attacked my village, they separated me about my family and three of my children, whom I know nothing about until now. Then they took me to a school in the village of Tel- Afar. We have been transferred among the cities of Iraq for more than a year."

She was sold 3 times in al-Raqqa

Emîne explained that she moved with the mercenaries after the liberation of al-Raqqa to the town of al-Sousa and then to al-Baguz forcibly. "The mercenaries asked us to leave with them to al-Baguz camp, but we refused and told them we wanted to go back to our families. They forced us to enter the camps with IS' families."

In al-Baguz

Emîne Kalo pointed out that Daesh mercenaries were forcing them to dig trenches and tunnels in al-Baguz to protect themselves from the blows of SDF and the International Coalition. "The situation was very bad there, they did not give us water or even food," she said.

She explained: "On the 18th of last March, when the bombardment intensified in the last stronghold of al-Baguz, my friends and I escaped from the camp and went to the safe areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces, but the missiles and snipers of Deash followed us, and SDF's fighters rushed to help us and provide treatment for us."



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