Shakhwan Raouf: Iraqi government must prevent Turkish attacks

A deputy in the Parliament of Southern Kurdistan demanded the Iraqi side to prevent the attacks of the Turkish occupation.

Last week, a delegation of representatives from southern Kurdistan visited Baghdad. Among the topics discussed during the visit were the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on southern Kurdistan.

 The head of the parliamentary delegation, Shakhwan Raouf, spoke to Roj News Agency about the visit and the content of the meetings.

Raouf said "In the past days we visited Baghdad as a committee from the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region, we spoke with the Defense and Security Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, and they promised that they would talk with the President of the Republic and the Council of Ministers to end the occupation and attacks of the Turkish state through the government's diplomatic and political relations."

Raouf announced that they had asked the Iraqi parties to visit the border area, and he said: "We asked them to visit the border areas themselves and go to Zakho and Horman and see the destruction that befell the Kurdistan region due to the attacks of the Turkish and Iranian states and stop the violations on border areas.



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