Shaitat clan identifies 25 victims after new mass grave found

Yesterday, Monday, the people of Deir ez-Zor countryside uncovered a mass grave in Badia containing remains of dozens of the Shaitat clan members who were killed by ISIS mercenaries in 2014.

Six years after ISIS committed a massacre against the members of the Shaitat clan in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor, where hundreds of clansmen lost their lives, a new mass graves that contains the remains of the victims was found today by the people of the area and the members of the clan. The grave includes the remains of 26 people, 25 of them were identified by the clan and their families. They are:

  1. Saleh Al-Shaker Al-Ahmad
  2. Abdullah Al-Saleem Al-Jirou
  3. Ali Al-Salim Al-Jirou
  4. Muhammad Al-Salama Al-Aboud Al-Rahim
  5. Ahmad Al-Salamah Al-Aboud Al-Rahim
  6. Khaled Al-Hassan Al-Ali Al-Radsa
  7. Abdul Salam Al-Ali Al-Hawas Al-Bahr
  8. Muhammad Al-Fahd Al-Abboud Al-Bahr
  9. Muhammad Hussein al-Numan Al-Bahr
  10. Ammash Al-Abd al-Mutlaq Al-Bahr
  11. Shihab Al-Ahmad Al-Hassouni Al-Habib
  12. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Balo
  13. Suleiman Al-Saleh Al-Balo
  14. Khalil Al-Khaled Al-Balo
  15. Subhi Al-Malik Al-Rahim
  16. Bashir Al-Hardi Al-Rahim
  17. Muhammad Al-Hurdi Al-Rahim
  18. Bidaa Al-Hardi Al-Rahim
  19. Mahidi Al-Awad Al-Hanoush
  20. Hazem Al-Sufi
  21. Hammoud Al-Sufi
  22. Nasser Al-Hussein Al-Rahim
  23. Nasser Al-Khalid Al-Rahim
  24. Muhammad Al-Khalif Al-Owaid
  25. Yasser Al-Abed Al-Mahmoud

In addition to an unknown person who is believed to be from the town of Al-Zubari in the Deir ez-Zor countryside.

The remains of the identified were buried in the martyrs' cemetery in Abu Hamam.

ISIS mercenaries had committed a three-week massacre against the sons and families of the Shaitat clan during July and August of 2014.

More than 1,200 victims were left, including women and children, in addition to kidnapping more than 1,000 people whose fate is still unknown.



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