Shahoz Hassan: Our visit to Basur was positive, focused on several important points

The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Shahouz Hassan, described their visit to the Kurdistan region as positive and focused on the necessity of holding the Kurdistan National Congress, uniting the Kurdish vision in the face of challenges and attacks and seeking all means to liberate Afrin.

At the conclusion of the meeting held by the Kurdish parties in Rojava on Wednesday evening in the city of Qamishlo, to discuss and evaluate the recent visit of representatives of the parties to Başûr Kurdistan and the meeting with all parties and Kurdish parties, at a press conference, the co-chair of Democratic Union Party Shahouz Hassan made a statement.

The press conference was held at the headquarters of the Democratic Society Movement in the city of Qamichlo, in the presence of a number of journalists and representatives of a number of Kurdish parties participating in the meeting. During this meeting, Shahouz Hassan affirmed that their visit to Başûr was a positive, noting they have met with all Kurdish political parties and forces there, and stressed the need to unify the Kurdish ranks in these sensitive circumstances in which the region in general and Kurdistan in particular face challenges and threats, especially by the Turkish occupation.

Hassan stressed that they discussed at length the need to hold the National Congress of Kurdistan as soon as possible, and unify the Kurdish vision to form a force to stand in the face of the Turkish occupation policies and aggression, which Rojava and Başûr Kurdistan are exposed to as well as all parties hostile to the rights of the people of Kurdistan.

Hassan pointed out that sides they visited positively reacted to their visit and commended their initiative to visit Başûr Kurdistan, and stressed that they will strive to hold the National Congress of Kurdistan as soon as possible.

During his visits, Hassan said that during their visits they discussed several issues, including the situations in which Rojava is passing, the victories achieved by eliminating Daesh, the challenges facing them and the importance of cooperation and ways to free them from the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries.

Shahouz Hassan, Mustapha Mashikh, head of the Kurdish Alliance in Syria, and Gamal Sheikh Bakiy, secretary general of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party answered then the journalists' questions.




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