Shahouz Hassan: Democratic Union taken great steps on Kurdish and Kurdistan levels

Shahouz Hassan explained that the Rojava Revolution has become an example for the Kurdish national unity. PYD has established the national unity among the components of northeastern Syria and delivered the voice of the region's people to the world through their diplomatic meetings diplomacy at the last stage.

 PYD's co-chair, Shahouz Hassan, explained that following the party's 7th conference  in October 2017, it organized its ranks according to the stage requirements, and said: "As a party within the Autonomous Administration,  we aim at strengthening the democratic experience in the north and east of Syria; we contributed effectively to the organization of the community within the campaign of Commines and councils, that was one of our main priorities," he said. " it was the first democratic experience where the communes and councils were democratically elected through the ballot boxes. some regional forces I watched the election." He added.

Shahouz noted that following the communes and councils elections, the north and east of Syria areas were attacked by the Turkish occupation and its linked mercenaries. " we started immediately organizing the society ranks with the spirit of the steadfastness and resistance, in the Age Resistance in Afrin and the Dignity Resistance in Seri Kania and Gire Spi."

 On January 20, 2018, Afrin  was attacked by the Turkish occupation army where Afrin cantons sons, the SDF, YPJ, YPG fighters  and the people of the northeastern Syria had showed great resistance for 58 days.  . the Turkish occupation and its linked mercenaries from the  "Syrian National Army",  formerly  remnants of ISIS, have carried out attacks on areas of northeastern Syria on October 19th, 2019, and  committed several terrible massacres against the people.

Hassan said they were able to organize the community according to the requirements of the stage, and deter Turkish attacks, saying: "We were not alone in this struggle; there were several forces and parties, but the Union Party had the biggest role."

 Shahouz Hassan pointed out that they are the only party within the Middle East that follows the joint presidency system. He noted that the party has prioritized the role of women in the political struggle, so a special conference was held for women within the party in addition to the formation of the Women's Council within the Democratic Union Party, and to give importance to the role of "With these steps, the society was better organized and all its segments were integrated into the party's ranks," he said.

On the political and diplomatic front

Hassan pointed out that the Democratic Union Party is a party within the International Socialist Parties. They were able to communicate the people's voice in the north and east of Syria to the world through this membership, expose the policies of the Turkish occupation and its arbitrary attacks and its occupation .

"We have been in touch with our democratic friends abroad to explain what is going on in the region, and the party has made great strides in this direction," Hassan said.

On the Kurdish and Kurdistan levels

The most prominent thing that the PYD did between the 7th Congress and the 8th Conference in Kurdish and Kurdistan terms, Hassan noted: "With the 21 Kurdish parties within the Autonomous Administration, we were able to form a Kurdish reference, "Through this reference, we were discussing the difficulties and obstacles faced by the Kurdish people in the region, and how to deter attacks on the region and Kurdistan."

Hassan said that the reference held a series of meetings with Kurdish forces and parties in the rest of Kurdistan. It focused on holding a comprehensive Kurdish national conference, saying: "We were not able to hold the conference, but make the visions close to each other."

Shahouz Hassan said one of the most important steps is supporting all the  initiatives for the unify the Kurdish ranks within Rojava, such as  Intellectuals and Artists , the SDF  and the Kurdistan National Congress committee in Rojava.

Hassan said the Rojava revolution has become an example of the Kurdish national unity, adding: "Whenever we enter one of the martyrs' shrines, there are martyrs from all parts of Kurdistan."

On the Syrian level, Shahuz Hassan noted that the party has established national unity between the components of northeastern Syria. It was watered by blood. He pointed out that Rojava became the icon of the free revolution, in Syria and Kurdistan and  all over the world.



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