Shaher Wahib: AA is real democratic model in ME

A member of the Revolutionary Leftist Movement of Algeria, Shaher Wahib, said that the Rojava revolution is "a real democratic experience in the Middle East", indicating that foreign countries seek to achieve their economic interests in the Syrian crisis.

Shaher Wahib spoke to our agency(ANHA) about the importance of the Rojava revolution and the mechanisms of the Syrian crisis, and the dynamics of the movement in Algeria.

Wahib first addressed the isolation imposed by the Turkish state against Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, "The judgment of Ocalan was done in a quick way and illegally by the Turkish government.

"The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries want to make Afrin a bridge to impose their presence in Syria after the end of the war. The Turkish government is not serious about the peace process with the Kurds in Turkey and its hatred towards the Kurds in Syria," he said.

Shaher Wahib stressed in his speech that all foreign and regional countries seek to achieve their economic interests in the Syrian crisis. "There are those who disagree in relations, but in the Syrian crisis, they agree at the expense of the Syrian people, where Turkey and Iran differ in policies but agree that their first enemy is the Kurdish people who struggle for identity and for federalism. "

Amazigh is part of the movement demanding the overthrow of the regime and the accountability of thieves, and the Amazighs deprived of the most basic rights in their cause, in 2016 Amazigh language was drawn national and official conditions of Amazigh writing in the Arabic alphabet and means obliterating the Amazigh alphabet."

As for the role of Amazigh women present in every activity, Wahib added, "The struggle of the Amazigh woman is back thousands of years, Queen Deheya is the one who fought Uqba bin Nafi."  Therefore, the Amazigh and Algerian women generally have a combat role and any revolution in the world that does not involve women will fail.

Autonomous Administration(AA) is a real experience in the Middle East

"The Autonomous Administration is a real democratic experience in the Middle East. First, the languages in the autonomous regions are Arabic, Kurdish and Syriac, and the Middle East is witnessing gender equality and democratic governance," he said.

The areas of Autonomous Administration are a safe haven for the Syrian people from the Arabs, the Assyrians, the Armenians, and the Chechens, fleeing the oppression of terrorism. "



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