Shaheen: Autonomous Administration  system can end conflicts in Middle East

​​​​​​​The Co-Head of the Executive Council of Euphrates Region, Mohammad Shaheen, said that the central system is undesirable in the Middle East, he stressed that the system of Autonomous Administration  is a solution to the sectarian and nationalist conflicts in the region.

The Democratic Autonomous Administration was announced in Rojava in early 2014 on January 21, 27 and 29 in Al Jazeera , Kobane and Afrin respectively, it formed a complete change of power that is based on the central hierarchy, and a shift to Autonomous Administration which relies mainly on councils. local as the main nucleus of the people's decisions.

The announcement of the administration came at a time when all the peoples of the world were subject to centralized powers that did not give importance to cultural, national and religious pluralism, but the Autonomous Administration of Rojava included all the components in its formation.

On the sixth anniversary of the declaration of Autonomous Administration in Kobane canton, ANHA held a dialogue with the Co-Head of the Euphrates Region Executive Council, Mohammed Shaheen, about the Autonomous Administration and its importance in addressing the Middle East issues.

 The full text of the dialogue:

 The Middle East has been witnessing for years, particularly the Arab countries, revolutions and crises, some turned into civil wars, as in Syria.  In three provinces in northern Syria,  people announced a new administrative system of " Autonomous Administration" in 2014. How did the people react to this new experience?

wrong policies in the Middle East have resulted in a popular explosion in dozens of countries, that was a clear indication that the state system has become undesirable, and the answer to those crises of the people, we know very well that those regimes were based on decisions of the Shake, not on people's will"

When Syria crisis started, regional states wanted to shape a system according to their wishes by moving terrorist groups with Islamic names and radical ideas.

 Kurdish people perspective, that is the solution lies in organizing, protecting their regions and then declaring an Autonomous Administration, so that the solution is not only for Al Jazeera three provinces, Kobane and Afrin, but for all of Syria and the Middle East, that six years of experience proves that.

Many documents proved that countries are involved in supporting ISIS, notably Turkey, so 2014 AL-Nusra Front attacks on Kobane were a regional-driven hatred for this experiment.

Because people's will start its first steps towards democracy and freedom with the declaration of a system of the Autonomous Administration, anti-democratic states did not bear these historic steps that are in the interest of the peoples of the Middle East for the first time, especially the Turkish state, and many other countries saw this as a threat to their dictatorial regimes.

 Turkey and those countries have not succeeded in undermining the Autonomous Administration, before the terrorist military attacks, they have constantly tried through private or soft war as you know, and here I mean diplomatically and in the media, but they failed miserably.

So these Turkish attacks were with a false Islamic cover, and global mercenaries from all over the world, in retaliation for that experience, which they believed would be the beginning of dissolution of dictatorial regimes.

Turkey is talking about the establishment of a safe zone in northern Syria, and on that basis, occupied some areas such as Afrin and Seri Kania, and threatens to occupy Kobane how to compare in all respects between the areas of the Autonomous Administration within 6 years of the experiment, and other occupied Syrian areas, even those which is under the control of the Syrian regime?

Allow me to say something and I don't think I exaggerate it, based on an experience that has entered its seventh year, in fact we can compare the regions of northern and eastern Syria, with its administration, security and economy not only with other Syrian regions, so you can compare this experience with other countries if you like, how the situation in Turkey is, and how this new system provides security, peace and true democracy for the entire Middle East.

Are Kobane and other areas in northeastern Syria living, crises like other areas? I think the answer is no, tens of thousands of fighters have turned into protectors of this Autonomous Administration, there is a hard work among  all the components to manage their areas without any conflicts, compared to other areas in the Middle East, in which countries intervene, to carry out their agendas and turn them into hell.

Syrian society, like other Middle Eastern societies had many social problems like intolerance, nationalism as well as conflict of doctrines, how has the Autonomous Administration dealt with these obstacles?

 We are confident that our people have become very conscious, and overcomed those conflicts, there are joint administrations in all the regions of both genders as well as between components, regardless of their religious affiliation. This new system, which has entered its seventh year, attests to all that I have talked about.

However, the external actors have tried to ignite the sedition over the past years between the components, and find a rift, but this didn’t work, and these areas security has been hit by terrorist operations to displace the population, but this has also not worked and our people have remained steadfast.

In recent years, many Western delegations have visited Kobane canton, how do they assess this new system in a region plagued by wars and local conflicts, regional and even international?

Yes,  Kobane canton witnessed many visits by European political delegations, as well as researchers in the social spheres, all of whom agreed on a common point that this experience is unique, and this form of this administration exists in Europe but only theoretically, they told us that they are eager to apply this experience in countries European, too.

They were surprised about what is being done under the Autonomous Administration in northern Syria despite the region is surrounded by  the dictatorships, the war that is ravaging the country, and they started their studies about the new regime in the Middle East, and some of them have even stayed here for months, even for years to live under this regime that they dreamed of.

 it's been doing for decades. Although the meetings took place at a high level between the administration of northern and eastern Syria and Damascus, you as part of this administration, what information do you have about the Syrian regime's reading of this experience may be  for a solution of  all the  regions of Syria?

The Syrian regime, which has established the concept of centralized administration in its ideas for decades, views the Autonomous Administration  as a counter-experiment, and although it does not accept this democratic concept in the first place, we have insisted that this type of administration is a solution for all regions of Syria.

 So far, the Syrian regime has not taken any step towards this path that we are seeking, they are determined to bring Syria back to those sectarian, nationalist, social problems, and the imposition of dictatorship on the country, in short, I can say that the Syrian regime is not yet ready for democracy. 

 Today, Turkey is trying to occupy other areas, including Kobane, which ISIS has failed to control, what responsibility does the international community have to take over this city, and how can the Turkish threat that could threaten the entire world be described?

Let me say that the fighters in the north and east of Syria in general, and in Kobane in particular, fought the battle to save the peoples of the world from ISIS, the blood of 12,000 martyrs was shed in defense of the world and not just a certain region,  that great danger could have led the world to destruction.

 People sought solidarity with the resistance in Kobane, and that was what put pressure on governments to declare their support as well, so our hopes are with those democratic peoples and  love of peace and freedom spread throughout the world, but our only hope remains with our people and own forces on which we base ourselves in defending these land .

Any threat to the Autonomous Administration in Kobane will turn the Middle East into an endless crisis, and it is likely to get out of hand, and terrorism will spread around the world as Turkey works on this goal and the international community must address that threat.



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