Several axes discussed in 4th symposium

The participants in the fourth symposium of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) completed the works of the fourth forum in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, after lengthy discussions on a number of axes.

The works of the fourth dialogue seminar for al-Jazeera and the Euphrates held by the Syrian Democratic Council in the city of Kobane launched on Friday morning in the presence of representatives of the tribes in the Euphrates region, politicians, intellectuals, and representatives of the Autonomous Administration.

The symposium came within a series of seminars held by the Syrian Democratic Council in different regions in northern and eastern Syria, under the slogan "Towards a National Conference for the People of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates," as the cities of al-Hasakah and Manbij witnessed 3 dialogue seminars before that.

The first axis of discussions included "the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, dialogue with the opposition, dialogue with the regime, and the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue and their reflection on the political solution in Syria," where the Head of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, gave a speech in which she confirmed that the real representatives of the Syrian people are excluded from foreign conferences led to disastrous consequences befell the Syrians.

The symposium, which is held at Newroz hall, south of Kobane, was attended by (130) Kurdish and Arab political figures, as well as sheikhs and tribal leaders from the two components.

During the second axis, discussions focused on the historical relations among the peoples of the region and their role in building the Autonomous Administration - and the mechanism for developing participation and institutional work in the Administration.

The attendees participated in discussions on agricultural, economic, service problems, in addition to the security aspect in the Euphrates region.



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