Seven young men abducted in Gire Spi 

A local source from the Gire Spi Canton has purported that mercenaries affiliated to Turkish Occupation Army, backed by Turkish armored vehicles, have carried out a campaign in the city and it's countryside, on which they abducted seven people.

According to the source in question, the mercenaries carried out yesterday, an inspection campaign and abduction operation, in which four people were taken from the village of Qeyseriye in southern countryside of Gire Spi Canton, adding that the four people are of the al-Hanada tribe, and that other three people from the Mash-hur tribe, in eastern Gire Spi countryside, were abducted by mercenaries of the ''al-Shamiye Front''.  . 

On November 28th, 2020, violent clashes erupted in an eastern quarter in Tal Abyad, between the Mash-hur tribe and elements of the al-Shamiye Front, that resulted in the killing of a youth working in a telecommunication shop, called Bashar al-Sa'ad, in addition to injury of two people by random firing on streets and altercations  between locals and mercenaries.  

Worth to note that mercenaries affiliated to Turkish Occupation Army have been carrying out raids on civilian houses and abduct people, that was commenced in rural Ain Issa and then Gire Spi.



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