Serekaniya people on border emphasized resistance

The people of Serekaniya district of al-Hasakah canton on the border with Turkey during the second day of the activities of human shields tents stressed the continuation of resistance against Turkish aggression.

The human shields launched by the people of Serekaniya continue on the second day in a row with the participation of hundreds of people from the region.

The second day of activities municipalities and civil institutions in the cantons of al-Hasakah and Qamishlo participated.

After holding a minute of silence, Zarkan District Council member Hebbun Khalid delivered a speech in which she said: "Today we have gathered in order to condemn the Turkish fascist threats and confirm the people's fraternity and the unity of the peoples of the region, especially after the victories achieved by the Syrian Democratic Forces and defeated the mercenaries of ISIS, are being targeted.

Khalid indicated that they are ready to defend their land and people

in defense of the principles and thought of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, and the best example of our presence under these tents with all the components.

"We support the resistance shown by the components of northern and eastern Syria from its military forces and its people who support the SDF forces," Khalid said.

During the event, Mayor of Dirk Hassan Hamza gave a speech in which he praised the resistance shown by the peoples of northeastern Syria ,adding "Today we salute the resistance shown by the people of northeastern Syria. This resistance is the biggest proof that all the people will stand in front of any attack on our regions.



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