Serdam library is destination for Afrin's children to improve their skills 

The children of Serdam camp in al-Shahba canton they spend most of their time in reading books under the shadow of the trees, and library's administration provides the books to them, filling their free time, developing their reading skills.

The children of Afrin canton, being forcibly displaced from their areas, heading towards of al-Shahba canton's camps due to the Turkish aggression and occupation and the mercenary gangs, spent their second year in the circumstances of leaving their homes.

By the end of the school year, the children of Serdam camp are looking for an opportunity to fill their leisure and recreation. The Serdam Library, which was opened months ago and supervised by Intellectuals Union of Afrin, was a children's destination.

Every day, many of the children of the camp go to the Serdam library to borrow from the library, which provides books suitable for their age. They sit in the courtyard of the library under the trees in the courtyard and spend most of their time in reading books.

The library has many books on various subjects, but the library management provides children with books that fit their age, including books on language education, simplified historical books, and illustrated stories in Kurdish, Arabic and other books.

Children Amina Hasso, Nabo Mohammed and Amina Abdo told our agency (ANHA) that they are attending the library to take advantage of their spare time and develop their skills in reading and acquiring knowledge.

The library management strives to encourage, supervise and organize children's attendance times.

The Education Committee of the Democratic Society has opened more than 60 schools across al-Shahab canton's districts and now is studying more than 13,113 students.



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