Serê Kanîyê women denounce crimes practiced against women

Kongra Star in Serê Kanîyê city has denounced the crimes committed against women, and said in a statement that they would escalate the struggle against the reactionary mentality and promote awareness among all segments of society.


As the number of crimes committed against women is increasing, Zerkan district belonging to Serê Kanîyê witnessed a few days ago the killing of a woman without knowing the reasons. Commenting on the incident and denouncing these crimes, Kongra Star in Serê Kanîyê issued a statement to the public opinion.

The statement was read during a gathering of dozens of female members of the conference at Metan roundabout in newroz neighborhood in the center of the city by the member Hamrin Salah.

The text included:

"We, as Kongra Star in Serê Kanîyê city in al-Hasakah canton, believe in the rights and freedom of women and their struggle, and we reject this mentality which aimed primarily at the psychological and physical killing of women and depriving them of their rights without seeking solutions that would benefit the society, especially the issue of women. This issue is impeding the development and progress of the society. In order to limit the occurrence of these cases and ensure the rights of women, a special law for women was issued in 2014 whose one provision includes punishing the offender for committing crimes against women.

We, as Kongra Star in Serê Kanîyê city, reject the various acts of murder and violence practiced against women. We condemn the murders committed against women under any name. We raise the level of our struggle and say no to violence and murder against women, and we pledge that we will escalate the pace of the struggle against this reactionary mentality and work to spread awareness among all segments of society in order to lift the injustice on women and achieve freedom, justice and equality."



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