Serê Kaniyê is witnessing new landslides after recent rains

As a result of heavy rains in the past few days, the city of Serê Kaniyê was once again subjected to the phenomenon of cavitation and soil collapse.


Several places in the city of Serê Kaniyê of al-Hasakah canton were exposed to a collapse in the soil as a result of the erosion of the subterranean crusts in the city due to the loose soil after the heavy rains in the region in the winter in general and the events of the last two days in particular.

One of the places where the collapse occurred was "the Martyr Berivan Park, and part of the Martyr Kevork School in Ronahi Neighborhood." The depth of the collapse was more than two meters.

Our agency(ANHA) reporter took pictures and videos of the landslide showing the cavitation and the fall of several trees in the garden.

During the winter, about 10 houses in the city were damaged as a result of landslides, and a house was completely demolished in the Neighborhood of Ronahi.



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