Security Forces thwart ISIS suicide attack in Hasaka

Internal Security Forces of NE Syria  announced on Friday foiling a suicide attack by two gangs of ISIS in Hasaka.

The General Command of the Internal Security Forces - North and East Syria issued a statement announcing that its forces had responded to a suicide attack carried out by two ISIS mercenaries in the city of Hasaka.

 "On Friday, March 31, two suicide attackers of ISIS were wearing uniform of SDF and sneaked to a center of the Internet Security Forces in al-Nashwa neighborhood in Hasaka to carry out the suicide attack."

The statement added, "Clashes took place between the attackers and our forces for ten minutes, however, the latter thwarted the attack."

According to the statement, "The attack resulted in the killing of the two attackers and seizure of their ammunition, including two AK-47s, 20 magazines, eight bombs, and two explosive belts."

After the attack the Security Forces launched investigations to uncover the circumstances of the attack, called on all residents of the area to be aware of such attacks and demanded that concerned authorities be informed about any suspicious movements.



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