​​​​​​​Security Council unanimously adopts resolution calling for global truce

The Tunisian presidency said in a statement that the United Nations Security Council, on Wednesday evening, unanimously approved the resolution submitted by Tunisia and France regarding the fight against the emerging Coronavirus pandemic.

The presidency said that this comes after a long negotiating track that has spanned more than four months since it was presented in its Tunisian formula last March to members of the Council.

The resolution stipulates the cessation of armed conflicts for a certain period and calls on the various parties involved in it to a humanitarian truce to enable the delivery of humanitarian aid, and it confirms that the instances of violence and instability resulting from these conflicts can lead to the spread of the pandemic and the intractability of containing its effects.

Moreover, the decision states that "not being able to besiege this pandemic will have, on the other hand, dangerous repercussions on international peace and security."

This resolution also demands that peacekeeping operations be allowed to carry out the tasks assigned to them in various conflict areas.

It is noteworthy that the Tunisian project has been welcomed by the Security Council since its proposal by President Qais Said, as well as during a series of consultations and contacts he had with a number of heads of "brotherly and friendly" countries about the project, which France joined at a later stage to become a Tunisian-French project.

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