Security Council calls for respecting new truce in Karabakh

Member states of the United Nations Security Council called on the warring parties in Karabakh to respect the new truce that was supposed to be implemented on Sunday.

All the councils' 15 member states, in a closed -door meeting, on Monday evening, called on Azerbaijan and Armenia to implement a new truce that the UN's Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, called to respect it.

According to diplomats, Russia, that is now the rotating president of the Security Council, works to issue a declaration that calls to implement the ceasefire. 

The draft resolution, which all the member states are expected to agree on this week, calls on Armenia and Azerbaijan to resume negotiations that are being sponsored by the Minsk Group. 

Earlier, Shushan Stepaniyan, spokeswoman for the Armenian Defense Ministry had said that Azerbaijan had launched artillery shells northward and southward. 

Last Saturday, the two sides reached an agreement on ceasefire, after which the first agreement failed due to Turkish endeavors that were asserted by Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, when he said '' hostilities will not stop."



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