​​​​​​​Sectors of society call for Kurdish unity

Consensus agrees that national unity will guarantee the rights of kurds and overcome all the plans and seditions that are being hatched by enemies.

People of Rojava are still looking forward to the SDF's Commander-in-Chief Mazloum Abdi's initiative to join the Kurdish political movement following the Turkish offensive in the region that poses a threat as a result of its ongoing attacks.

Realizing the Kurdish visions will bring in a remarkable convergence in all political, cultural and social aspects for the Kurds and strengthen the Kurdish people position. "

"40 years ago, Kurdish unity must have been achieved. This is my message to Qandil and Başûr government as well. It is also to the Barzani and Talabani families, personalities and all the people of Başûr. There is no need for Kurds to fight and shed blood; Kurds need peace and unity," the leader, Abdullah Ocalan said during a telephone call with his family on April 27.

Nasser Ahmed Hosni, from Kornish neighborhood in Qamishlo said: "We want to achieve the Kurdish unity. Everyone should take initiatives to achieve Kurdish-Kurdish rapprochement; the elderly and young people to reach meaningful results.

"Kurds are at risk of real annihilation in the absence of rapprochement among the Kurdish forces. Our unity will overcome our enemies in this crucial stage despite the big differences." Nasser Ahmed Hosni, a resident of Kornish neighborhood said.

Kurdish political and the head of the Kurdish Future Movement, Narin Metini confirmed that they have called for the unification of the Kurdish rank since the beginning of 2011 to represent the Kurdish people and guarantee their rights. She called on all Kurdish parties to achieve Kurdish rapprochement and to form a parliament that includes all parties within a free, democratic and federal Syria.

"The Kurds will have political influence in Syria and the world through unity. Kurds' rights can be protected  in other parts of Kurdistan as well," She said.

"The enemies are meeting and planning against us. We have to achieve the Kurdish unity that will develop the Kurdish culture and exchange experiences and cultures among the intellectuals of other parts of Kurdistan," the Kurdish intellectual and writer, Khalis Mesawer said, adding that unity is most needed.

"Unfortunately, what is happening in Zîne Wartê is condemned. Kurds should avoid infighting," he said.

"Turkey cannot end the presence of Kurdistan Freedom Movement fighters in the foothills of Kurdistan mountains, so it want to create the Kurdish infighting," Mesawer said.

He called on the people of the south of Kurdistan to avoid being dragged behind the Turkish plans, adding: "If you kill them, you will also be killed later, you will become a bite for your enemies. Meet at the same table and solve the outstanding problems among you in political and peaceful ways." He said.

He pointed out that any Kurdish party that is getting close to its brothers' fighters holds the responsibility and said: "The Kurdish people will hold accountable who started the war first in the event of the martyrdom of any Kurdish fighter, whether Peshmerga or Guerrilla."

Member of Kongra Star Coordination, Dalia Hannan stressed that unity is their main demand, and the most important objective is to achieve convergence among the parties of the Kurdish political movement, remove accumulated differences and obstacles, and work to ensure the identity of the Kurdish people.

She explained that women have a key role in the success of the national unity, saying: "Differences must be set aside as our enemies are trying to eliminate our identity today. So that we must build and strengthen our unity and secure our future."

At the end of her speech, Hannan called on all Kurdistan women to carry out their duties to speed up the achievement of the unity and support the initiatives of all political parties.



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