Secret Arab steps implying a new common front against Turkey

On Tuesday morning, the Arab newspapers touched upon Turkey's increased incursion into Syrian territory, Haftar's visit to Damascus, the Turkish hands behind the military and political confusion of the Yemeni government, and the start of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Erdogan "penetrates" in Idlib and Haftar "wanders" in Damascus

The Arab newspapers issued this morning dealt with several issues, on the Syrian issue, the most prominent of which is Haftar's visit to Damascus and the increase in the Turkish incursion into Syrian lands. Diplomatic relations between the transitional government in Benghazi and the Syrian government in Damascus were blessed by another secret visit by the head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Agency, Abbas Kamel, to the office of the director of the Syrian National Security Bureau, Major General Ali Mamlouk, last mid-week.

The purpose of secret movements is to return the Damascus road, as it was previously. The implicit goal is to coordinate efforts to confront the Turkish role in several arenas, the most important of which are Syria and Libya, and that Cairo even opened an office for the "Syrian Democratic Council", and established a political dialogue with it, and "mediated" between Damascus and the Kurds, leading to "confronting Ankara", This is in light of the exchange of previous public and private visits between Mamluk and Kamel.

It was noted that with every Turkish military move or "incursion" into Syrian territory, Arab countries are taking a step toward Damascus or against Ankara, so that Arab countries have become equal to or more concerned by the Iranian role than some. A few days ago, the Arab Ministerial Council announced the condemnation of Turkey's presence in Arab countries, and demanded the withdrawal of its forces from all Arab countries. This was met with a rejection by Ankara, which indicated "respect for the territorial integrity and political unity of the Arab states, and for taking a constructive position in order not to lead the region to further instability." And its efforts were appreciated by the peoples of the Arab countries"

Al-Arab: Turkish hands behind the military and political confusion of the Yemeni government

On the Yemeni issue, Al-Arab newspaper quoted "Yemeni political sources considered that the state of confusion among the ranks of Yemeni" legitimacy ", the imbalance in the management of the political and military file is one of the results of the escalating Turkish role in the Yemeni file, and the negative impact of Ankara on Turkey's current in the Yemeni Brotherhood.

The sources said that the pro-Ankara movement contributed to dispersing the list of priorities of the legitimate government and caused fueling internal disputes in the camp against the Houthi coup.

And the "al-Arab" obtained confirmed information about the issuance of directives to a number of Yemeni political leaders affiliated with the Brotherhood, in announcing the rapprochement paper with the Houthis, with the aim of blackmailing the Arab coalition, and besieging any attempts to press towards redressing imbalances in the legal institutions that suffer from the Brotherhood's oppression and control of the Turkish current - Qatar.

In previous reports, "Al-Arab" monitored indicators of increased Turkish activity in Yemen through the flow of Turkish intelligence agents, through the outlets of Al-Mahra Governorate (the far east of Yemen) under the cover of the Humanitarian Relief Organization, to some liberated Yemeni provinces, and fueling political and media rhetoric against the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia through media channels broadcasting from the Turkish city of Istanbul"..

Al-Bayan: Legitimacy liberates areas in al-Jouf and Marib

In the same context and the latest developments in Yemen, Al-Bayan newspaper said, "With the support of the Arab coalition, the Yemeni National Army liberated the al-Yatemah region in the Directorate of Khub and al-Sha`f, the major directorates of al-Jawf Governorate, and killed dozens of Houthi militia members.

Military sources told al-Bayan that the Yemeni army forces, with the support of Apache helicopters, carried out a counter-attack on the militia that took control of the area and other locations in the district located on the border with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and were able to retake the entire area and parts of al-Muhashmah area with an estimated area of 30 kilometers

According to the sources, the National Army forces liberated a number of sites in the Wadi al-Muhashmah and al-Silila Mountains, noting that more than 120 militia members were killed during the confrontations, in addition to the large number of wounded among their ranks, the families of dozens and seized large quantities of weapons.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: The US military begins withdrawing from Afghanistan

Regarding US agreements with the Taliban, al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said, "The American army announced today (Monday) that it has begun withdrawing from Afghanistan in implementation of the peace agreement concluded by the United States with the Taliban movement, which provides for reducing the number of its elements in this country, Within 135 days, to 8,600 soldiers.

The US military spokesman, Colonel Sony Legate, said in a statement carried by the French Press Agency, that the American forces in Afghanistan "keep all necessary military means" to carry out operations against the "al Qaeda" and "ISIS" organizations and to support the Afghan forces.

In a parallel context, 5 official sources (Monday) told Reuters news agency that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will issue a decree to release at least 1,000 Taliban prisoners this week, paving the way for direct talks between the Afghan government and Taliban rebels.



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