SDF's water tankers distribute water on Al Hasaka residents

 Water tanks started distributing water on the residents of Al  Hasaka city.

To reduce the water problem in Al Hasaka city after the Turkish occupation extinguished the station of Alouk and expelled workers from it. The SDF began to withdraw  especially water tankers from its military centers, and put it in the service of Al Hasaka municipality to help distribute water on the people.

The tankers gathered in front of the water management  in Hasakeh canton, and set off from there to distribute water on the residents in various neighborhoods of Al-Hasakeh.

"These tankers are provided by the SDF that have proved their truth and provided blood in order to protect the people and the region from the Turkish aggression and terrorist groups, are now providing assistance to their people,"  Abdul Ghafour Osso, the co- chairman of the Environment and Municipalities Committee in Hasakeh  said. "A number of tankers  provide water to citizens in Al Hasaka city."

"We thank the SDF for this assistance, in order to provide water to the struggling people, these tanks will distribute water in coordination with the Directorate of Water and Communes in Al Hasakeh,"  Osso  said.

The water is brought from wells of Tel Barak, Nafsha and Hama areas, as the water of Al Hasaka is salty and undrinkable.

Osso called on people not to waste water and "to be hand in hand so that we can overcome this crisis".

"We, as the SDF, have taken this action to help our people.  We will continue until humanitarian organizations intervene and re-pump water," the SDF commander, Jean Vida said.



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