SDF's Spokesman: "international community must intervene to stop holocaust against Syrians"

The SDF's Spokesman condemned the brutality of the killing of civilians in the countryside of Hama and Idlib saying, "we denounce the use of excessive force on both sides of the trenches in populated areas," calling on the international community to intervene to stop this holocaust against Syrians.

The spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Keno Gabriel, issued a statement to the public, condemning the escalation of attacks by Syrian regime forces and mercenary groups on the Syrian countryside of Idlib and Hama and the killing of civilians.

The text of the statement posted on the SDF media site reads:

“Clashes have intensified recently in the northern countryside of Hama and Idlib in the south against the backdrop of the Syrian regime's insistence on controlling the Aleppo - Damascus and Aleppo - Latakia Roads, while Jabhat al-Nusra and pro-Turkish armed groups are trying to invest civilians and residents of the region in their media machine to market their dark plans and projects, and put pressure on the army of the regime and Russia to stop the military campaign waged within these targeted areas.

According to the documents and information leaked from the last Sochi Conference, there was agreement by the various parties participating in the conference on the terms of the cessation of escalation and the withdrawal of heavy weapons at a distance of (20) km away from the lines of contact by the guarantee of Russia and Turkey, but what happened that In parallel with the Turkish threats against northern Syria, the pace of fighting in that region has risen without regard to the lives of thousands of civilians at risk and the scourge of war, and as a result of the outbreak of fighting and indiscriminate shelling from both sides of the conflict, many children, women and civilians have fallen victim to the failure of the guarantors to fulfill their obligations .

We in the SDF condemn in the strongest terms this brutal use of excessive force on both sides of the trenches in populated areas, we express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims and in the same time we call on the international community to intervene and stop this holocaust against Syrians, both civilians who have been killed as a result of air strikes by the Syrian regime and its allies, or civilians whose lives are jeopardized by their religious or sectarian affiliation by pro-Turkish opposition factions. ''



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