SDF's flag is flying over al-Bagouz hill, clashes continue

The Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) fighters raised their flag on the hill of the village of al-Bagouz, while clashes continued in the village between SDF fighters and IS mercenaries.


The final battle to defeat IS mercenaries continues in his last stronghold in al-Bagouz village amid the continued progress of SDF fighters.

ANHA agency's correspondent pointed out that the clashes continue in the village of al-Bagouz between SDF fighters and mercenaries, noting that mercenaries are trying to block the progress of fighters by launching car bombs and suicide bombers.

The correspondent of our agency(ANHA) reported that the fighters raised the flag of the Syrian Democratic Forces over the hill of the village of al-Bagouz, which was liberated by the fighters on March 2.

Our correspondent pointed out that the fighters continue to advance in the region, making more victories.



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