​​​​​​​SDF vows to revenge 4 fighters in attack of a Turkish occupation army's drone

The Syrian Democratic Forces vowed to avenge the blood of the martyrs, in a statement announcing the death of 4 fighters in the bombing of a drone belonging to the Turkish occupation army.

 A statement published by the media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces a short while ago said, "Today, Tuesday, at around 13:30, when a group of the Self-Protection Forces were on the duty; they were targeted by a "drone" belonging to the Turkish occupation, which resulted in the ascension of four of our fighters and three others were wounded.

 At a later time we will announce the names of the martyrs.

 The Turkish occupation army has recently escalated its attacks against civilians, trying to spread fear, panic and instability among our people.

 We, in the Syrian Democratic Forces, affirm once again that we will protect our people and the gains they have achieved through sweat and blood, whatever the circumstances, conditions and costs, and that we will avenge our martyrs from the occupiers.



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